Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's raining . . . or something

Ethan is our logical boy, and he often shares with us processes he's considered such as "The Eight Stages of Learning to Swallow Pills" (which he and Megan have both recently mastered) or, "The Four Stages of an Ant Bite." They're usually a series of stages. Sometimes they're just a list though. Tonight he gave us a list, which was, "The Words for Rain." It went like this,

"There are lots of words for rain. There's raining, and there's drizzling. There's sprinkling. There's pouring. And also there's plooping and plopping."

"Really? And what is plooping and plopping?"

"Plopping is when there are big drops that come down. And plooping is when birds poop on you. A lot of birds pooping at the same time is called plooping."

"Have you ever experienced this Ethan?"


"But that's what you'd call it if it did happen?"



Victoria said...

Hey Gina!!!

I've been thinking of you a lot lately. I'm not sure if you remember the exact date, but 10 years ago tomorrow (well probably today in singapore- Oct 20th) is the day that changed my life forever!

Words will never express my gratitude for your continued passion to serve HIM and impact lives globally! Keep up the good fight!


Ryan said...

That's AWESOME! I'm so glad you share things like this with us. I love it.

Matt Mikalatos said...

This is absolutely hilarious.