Monday, August 06, 2007

Together again!

In the fall of 2003, a sad thing happened to our family - our closest friends left us for six months. I though Ethan might shrivel up for loss of his best friend Jackson, but God saw fit to send the Rygh family to live next door. From day one, Ethan and Ellee were together every day, sometimes in quite comfortable settings as you can see here. They loved each other, and Ethan has sworn that he will marry Ellee someday. Her mother and I are in full agreement and plan to do everything we can to ensure that it takes place.

This picture shows them literally on day 1. What bonds kids better than sharing Chinese fruit snacks?

After a three year drought, we've finally been able to catch up with Ellee and her family. It was a slow start, but once Ethan showed Ellee how to play Star Wars lego computer game, it was like no time had passed.

How cute is this crew? Isaac and Hannah round out the Rygh clan (with little Josiah hopefully coming from Guatemala soon!). We've talked about the possibility of Megan and Isaac . . .


Andrew said...

ummm so jackson's family left and then the rygh's moved in, but u haven't seen them for 3 years either? did they also move out?

btw u should think about an arranged marriage, i'm sure ethan and megan would be happy with one

Gina Marie said...

Well, yes, they moved out but so did we. Our families both left that fall - we moved to Singapore, they moved back to the States.