Friday, August 24, 2007

Minnesota is closed

No attempts should be made to enter Minnesota these days. In addition to the 35W bridge collapse, they closed I94 last weekend, effectively cutting off both north/south and east/west traffic at the same time. If it were me, I might think to stop all construction on the other highways surrounding the Twin Cities, but I'm not in charge. So trying to use alternate routes has proven an excellent way to strengthen one's patience. On top of that, all the confusion seems to have caused people to lose control of their vehicles more than usual. So if the construction's not stopping you, a roll over is. We haven't had a normal drive through the area since June.

In the south, don't come unless by boat. We've had record rainfalls, excessive flooding, houses literally floating away. It just isn't a sensible time to get around in this state. You've been warned.

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Andrew said...

I feel sorry for my home state in it's current dreadful state :( But I guess it's nice that I'm not there right now... right?