Sunday, March 04, 2007

Go Go Party

I have the coolest friends. This is evidenced by the fact that we decided to have a Go Go/Disco themed going away party for our friends the Monsivaizs who will be leaving us in a few weeks to move back to the States (let the mourning begin!). And while other people might SAY that they were going to have a costume party but not really put any effort into it, here is photographic evidence to prove that we take our parties seriously. I was shooting for a "Jenny in Forest Gump" look, minus the drugs. You unfortunately can't see my sweet gold chain belt or my cool gold sparkly shoes which completed the outfit. Erik was disappointed that I didn't have time to get him an outfit, but with two small kids there's only so much shopping I can do.

Can you see my funky belt and shoes? That's why I put this picture in. And also to show you how cool our hostess's house is. I just bought a similar saree to hang over my bed like this too.

Take note of Tony's fabulous chest hair. Nate is jealous - you can see it all over his face.

This guy actually has a really respectable job. I'm fairly impressed by his sitar.


Sherri said...

How Fun!! What an amazing party!!

Anonymous said...

great party, i feel so cool to be posted on your site :) you looked so cool and very jenny from the gump. thanks for sharing the pics! ~Lindsey