Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Singaporean Squirrel

It didn't occur to me until yesterday that I have never seen a squirrel here in Singapore. Geckos aplenty, but no squirrels. Instead, we have a replacement - the monkey. Now, I'm not saying that monkeys are as numerous here as they are in the States. But they aren't unusual, and they give you that same creepy feeling of, "I know this animal is smaller than me, but it could inflict damage if provoked." We saw some at the park - four of them on what seemed to be a family outing away from Upper Pierce Reservoir across the road. Since there were a number of us there with snacks and water bottles, they hovered with menacing looks, and were even cheeky enough to attack unwatched items. Someone tried to shoo them away and was hissed at. Yikes. I miss the squirrels.

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