Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I think I need to make my thankfulness lists longer, or post them more frequently, or I'm going to be writing them into retirement. I'll admit, for a few weeks there I was struggling to be thankful. I was content just to struggle to keep my head above water.

Now that life has settled down a bit, here are some things I've been grateful for:

301. My husband is home after 10 days away
302. When my helper quit last week, friends offered the extra hours of their helper so I can have someone come clean once in awhile (I know, I'm really spoiled)
303. My parents
304. Cooler weather
305. The amazing park we found near us!
306. Opportunities to use my gifts
307. The joy of decorating our house
308. An arm injury that slowed me down for a week
309. How helpful our kid were while I had the injury!
310. The wisdom to cancel school for a week so we could let our hearts catch up with our lives
311. 5 day weekend coming up!
312. The book The Rest of God
313. Joining a new Bible study with women who are thoroughly enjoyable
314. Allergy meds - I needed them today
315. Sunny skies
316. Finishing things around the apartment
317. We've used our guest room 4 times already!
318. The kids have been very motivated to do their schoolwork lately
319. Chinese class for the kids
320. Tae Kwon Do class for the kids
321. It's so easy to order dinner nearby when I don't want to cook!
322. I really enjoy our new church
323. Megan has been able to live out her passion - soccer - twice weekly this fall!
324. Our car. What would I do without our car?
325. Language learning opportunities
326. Just over a month until we go back to the States for a week
327. Though my helper quit, another woman has quickly taken (part of) her place
328. Water dispensers - we have one upstairs and one down. I love instant hot and cold water
329. cute new shoes that just arrived from Tao Bao!

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