Sunday, August 22, 2010

The State of Things

I'm happy to say that as I look around this room (our living room) there is only one box. It is open, and most of its contents are either put away, or on the floor next to it. I can hear Erik unpacking and sorting in our office as I type. Apart from needing a few more pieces of furniture in which to place unpacked items, we've got things put away (if you count throwing lots of boxes into the storage room "putting away", and we do).

I think I'm a little surprised it's happened this quickly. It doesn't feel like we're done though by any means, because we haven't put anything on the walls. Oh, and did I mention I can't use my washing machine or oven yet? And our dishwasher is having a hard time making it here from Shanghai. Apparently it's been sidetracked by the ocean view along the way. Can't blame it.

I have to say my favorite room is the kitchen/dining room. Every time I walk into it, I think, "This is a kitchen in China?!?" Knocking down the wall was inspired (I give Erik the credit - I was reluctant, for reasons I cannot now recall. Probably it was just me not liking change). It's huge and open and beautiful and I love it. Come see for yourself!

My goal (and Erik says it's ambitious, but those of you know me know ambitious is how I roll) is to have everything in place, including pictures on the wall, by September 1. This week that includes going to the furniture place to see what Gary has left, and heading to Golden Five Star to buy the rest of our curtains plus replacement covers for our couch (wow - didn't realize how much the love seat faded in the sun!). Hopefully the dishwasher will show up, most likely with a tan from all that beach time. Erik's job is to switch the plug on our oven so it will fit into the wall (it has a Singaporean plug) and to find the piece we need to hook up our washing machine.

As we say here, "Man man de" which means, "Slowly." I'd have to say though that for a week in, the state of things is pretty great.

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