Saturday, May 02, 2009

Scary Pancakes

Our family is in love with a pancake recipe my friend Jen gave me. It's chock full of goodness like oatmeal, ground flax seeds, wheat germ, and whole wheat flour. I showed Lisa the super maid how to make it, then confidently put it on the menu for the following week. After all, this woman has magic hands when it comes to cooking.

And yet, when she put them on the table the next week, they were like rubber. I told her maybe she had stirred it too much so she said she would stir less. But it happened again. And again.

The next time I made them myself, and let her watch again. I mixed all the dry ingredients together, then the liquids, slowly poured them in, and barely mixed them together. Aha! Lisa was just dumping everything in together and mixing it to the consistency of lotion. Problem solved!

But no. Every time since then that I have put pancakes on the menu, she has come and said, "Mum Gina, pancakes?" so I go and mix them for her. The other day she sent Megan as her representative. I went into the kitchen and said with a smile, "Lisa, are you afraid of my pancakes?"
"Yes! I am very afraid!" she said, even sounding somewhat afraid.

I've found her weakness.

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