Monday, July 14, 2008

Interesting Things I've Seen on Morning Runs in Thailand

1. Barefoot monks in bright orange robes, out hunting breakfast
2. Amusingly named bars like "Fine Thanks!" and "How Come!!!" (yes, there were three exclamation points)
3. A man walking a horse along the "highway." I use highway as a loose term, as it was the road I was running on. More like a wide road with few stoplights.
4. Lots of idol buildings. One was quite large and all gold.
5. People selling food on the street.
6. Chiang Mai University. I was going to run on the track, but it was dirt, and there were three dogs already using it. I don't think they were training though - they seemed pretty casual.
7. A couple of really nice houses I wouldn't mind owning, or at least living in for awhile.
8. A family who seems to own a lot of chickens which they feed outside early in the morning.
9. Two dogs who wanted to join me on my run. Go away!! Go!! It took them awhile to understand, I guess because they speak Thai, not English. But angry women shouting translates into most languages.
10. A lavender excavator. I think it was an excavator. Which one is Scoop from Bob the Builder? Anyway, it was a construction truck. It shouldn't be lavender.
11. Lots and lots and lots of motorbikes.
12. Old Thai men running very slowly. I like to pass people like this and pretend I am like the WIND. So fast.

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