Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lazy Winter Day

The sun is going down, though we never saw a peep of it today. I know this only because the light in our house is dimming. The candles and Christmas lights we've had lit are no longer sufficient light for reading books and playing games. It's been as close to a winter day as I've ever had here - the kind of day when nothing can induce you to go outside, and everything invites you to hunker down with a good book and a cup of something warm and stay til the storm blows over.

It hasn't been a lightning storm, but an unrelenting heavy rain that has poured since this morning. I'm glad we had nothing planned other than homeschool, because the laws of physics keep me bound here - I am an object at rest. After homeschool and lunch our kids vegged out with Scooby Doo (can I just comment that as an adult, you see your favorite childhood shows in a different light. How dull were those teenage sleuths that though they solved dozens of mysteries, they always began their operations on the assumption that ghosts were real?). I indulged in one of my favorite forms of therapy - baking. I made brownies, a failed attempt at apple cranberry oatmeal muffins (never mess with a recipe you haven't tried) and baked sweet potato fries. Our living room is scattered with half a dozen board games which the kids got out. They haven't made it completely through any of them - it was like game overload. We ate the fries, they splashed in the tub, and now Ethan is conducting experiments with ice and water (specifically how long it takes ice cubes to melt in different temperatures).

So that's as close as I'll probably get to a lazy winter day. When I talked with my parents this morning, they were holed in by winter weather as well, but significantly whiter and prettier. My upside is no shoveling.


Andrew said...

I hate shoveling =P

And it's super warm here, considering what temperatures are where I've lived for the past .. all 21 years of my life. Today was something around 12 or 13 degrees... so maybe like 50's I think? But it's the 5th of December...

Actually though this is fine with me. I think it'd be good for my mental health to live in a tropical area for a few years, just so I can get sick of it and stop disliking very cold weather so much.

Sherri said...

I love days like that! I am just so ready for our Christmas break!!!
We have no shoveling here in Louisiana!!! I would like at least one snow a year, but am very happy to do without the shoveling!

Rebecca said...


I agree! Yesterday was reminiscent of winter. Kind of a nice treat for we season-starved-Singapore-sojourners. =) I busted out the Christmas music and served soup for dinner.

Thanks again for having us over on Tuesday. We really enjoyed the study and look forward to the next get-together.


Pam said...

Hi Gina,
I came across your blog, and have enjoyed it very much. My Husband and I are in Sing too, and I also have a blog-

I love to bake also, and it definitely helps me to feel better when I'm blue. I don't know f you've been, but there is a fun bakers supply store called Bake It Yourself. It's on Bukit Timah rd. and their website is
They are having a valentine cookie workshop that looks like fun!
Have a great day!