Sunday, June 10, 2007

With the end in sight

I've climbed a few mountains in my day. Just a few. Not a lot. And not big mountains really. Anyway, that's not my point. My point is that when you climb a mountain, it's always a bit hard to gauge how far it is to the top. Sometimes it seems like you're getting closer, and other times it feels like you've made no progress at all. And those last steps can seem like the longest.

This is how I feel right now with packing our apartment. I might pack 5 boxes and feel like it looks no different. Then I'll think we're almost done. The next minute I'm overwhelmed by how much is left. And then comes the moment when I realize we're out of boxes anyway so I gratefully sit down to write out my thoughts.

We have two more days in this apartment. It's been a blessing - hard to believe we've been here almost three years. I feel more nostalgic when I'm outside at our local places, where I know I'm going to miss the proximity to the wet market, the children's library, the hardware store. Inside it's more like The Long Goodbye. It's less and less our home and I long to be done and on to the next journey.

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Sherri said...

It has been a long time since I had to pack our entire lives in boxes, but I REMEMBER!!! It is an absolute never-ending job. I remember once when my sister came to help us. I told her that we only had a few more things to throw in the trucks when they got there. WRONG!!! I'm sure she will NEVER offer to help us again!
Keep whittling away at it!