Friday, March 23, 2007

Celebrity Sighting!

I had my first Singapore celebrity sighting tonight! Thank God I let the money on my cash card run so low that we couldn't leave the car park without topping it up. We went to eat at a hotel restaurant, and I had to run down to the first floor to add money to my card. On my way back up I caught the elevator which had four other people in it, including the man above. This guy is most famous! Not only was he the main character of a Singapore sitcom that ran for eight years here called Phua Chu Kang, but he is one of the MCs for Singapore Idol! I vaguely recognized the others in the elevator too, but I couldn't decide if they were Singapore Idol judges or other cast members from the show. As I was leaving the elevator, I realized they were probably from a TV show, or maybe just some of his assistants, because he was wearing the wig in this picture (he doesn't normally sport that hairdo). I was pretty sure they were thinking that being a foreigner I had no clue who they were. But I did, and it was very fun.


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I will say nothing of knowing anything about any show with the word "Idol" proceding a country as a name for a show.