Saturday, March 11, 2006


Confession - we didn't sleep at our house last night. Neither did our kids. After having dinner with friends last night, we ended up staying so late that the kids went to bed and so did we. The kids were a little surprised to see that we were still there in the morning since we told them that we were going to go home late. We weren't prepared to sleep over, although Erik had brought his toothbrush just in case. Erik and our friend Dan got up early in the morning and took a friend to the airport. After breakfast my friend Missy and I watched the new Pride and Prejudice while our collective 5 kids played happily.

We got to wondering, "Is this something other people do?" This isn't the first time we've camped out at a friend's house here, and our friends have done it too. We get the feeling it doesn't happen much in the States, but we don't know. All I know is, it's pretty fun!


Michelle said...

I always have an invitation to at my friend Abbie's house, but have never actually taken her up on it.
But maybe now we will since it sound pretty fun.

Liz said...

I do it all the time with my kids!!