Friday, September 30, 2005

Overhead at our house

You have to record cute things kids say so you can repeat them ad nauseum to people forever. So here are a few things our kids have said lately that gave us a chuckle.

Erik and Ethan were trying to put together a small toy car Ethan took apart. Ethan expressed doubt that they could do it, but Erik said, "I think we can. You know why? Cause your dad's a genius!"

To which Ethan added, "Or maybe, cause we have super glue!!"

This morning during homeschool, Megan was working on letters while Ethan was busying himself with a math workbook. With each letter, we brainstormed what words start with it. We got to H and the kids started shouting out, "Horse! Hat! House!" Ethan then said, "Ham!" to which Megan added, "Cheese!" And now you know what kind of sandwich our kids like.

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