Sunday, June 05, 2005

Megan loves to bury herself when she sleeps!


Chris B. said...

I remember that you and Lisa used to sleep with the covers over your heads. Do you still? ;)

Andy-boi said...

k... this is not an insult

with the shape of the blanket
and the color of the blanket
and the ear lookin thing behind her head....

it makes her head look like a cow
kind of

ryan thinks i'm crazy and a little mean =\

Gina Marie said...

You know why I slept with the covers over my head? Because once at grandpa's house we were watching Fantasy Island and there was a werewolf. Everyone knew it was coming but me cause I was like 8. I was freaked out for years after that, thinking there was a werewolf in my room. See, it really does matter what your kids watch!

Chris B. said...

Years later, I met the werewolf in your bedroom. He told me this: "I always planned to devour your sister, but I just could never find her head. She kept so well hidden that I went hungry for years..."