Saturday, April 16, 2005

We're not in Kansas anymore

Just when I think I'm living in what could be the States, something jumps out and slaps me with its Asian-ness. Yesterday the kids and I were eating at the KFC in the amazing zoo (see what I mean - that's America right there!) and there were signs everywhere for "Curry Crunch," I guess trying to appeal to the Indian contingency. I'm a big curry fan, so I was tempted, but I went for the Oriental Chicken Salad instead.
Another example - we were eating a pretzel last week from one of those soft pretzel stores (it's a chain from the states but I forget what it's called) and they had seaweed flavor. Has anyone in the U.S. ever thought, "Man, I wish Pretzel Mania carried seaweed flavor!"? My guess is no.

But to add to my list of "reasons I love Singapore" let me say, "Red seedless grapes." We could sometimes get really big grapes in China, but they always had monster seeds. They were also the cause of my losing a game (what's that one with the cards that drop and you have to act out what's on the cards?) with my Chinese friends. The word was "grape" and the girl made it look like a banana - she peeled it and took a bite and spit out the seed. I was stumped. Too much effort to eat those.

But I digress. We bought red seedless grapes today at our market for the bargain price of $6 Sing/kg. That sounds like a lot to me, but when you break it down to pounds and U.S. dollars, it's about $1.30 a pound. It's the little things . . .

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Andy-boi said...

you have to peel the grapes??


also, ... curry crunch just doesn't sound good. and some guys i know went to k-town (korea town) and this lady gave them a bunch of korean food, which we made one night, along with some instant rice and seaweed flake things. it wasn't bad, except i couldn't make myself like the seaweed. it was ok when you mixed it with everything, but other than that... nope.