Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sentosa again

One of the glories of Singapore is a little place I've mentioned before called Sentosa. It's an island off the cost of Singapore, accessible by bus, cable car, or boat. We've done the first two routes now. Yesterday we traveled by bus again across the bridge to island paradise.

We met some friends there to play volleyball, along with the most perfect bodied people in all of Singapore. Our group of normal sized, fully clothed people stood out a little. When Mr. foreign underwear clad man wanted to round out one team, we all felt the awkwardness.

Our kids were content to watch for awhile. I was content to watch forever. I have never been good at volleyball, and my short stint as a soccer player has left me with a strong reflex to kick any ball that comes into my periphery. Once the interest wore off, I suited up the kids for some ocean time.

Ethan tried to convince Megan that following him off the drop off would be a fun and "not scary" time but she was wise to not participate. The kids were able to drag Erik in after a few games of ball, and he delighted in taking them out where there was no hope of them touching bottom. Ethan was brave enough to swim back on his own though! In the process, however, some unidentified sea object left a nasty, painful streak all the way down his leg. He came out screaming. All I could think was, "On a episode of Friends, Monica got stung by a jellyfish and the guys peed on her leg."
"Erik, you need to pee on him!" I cried.
"I can't. I just peed in the ocean," he replied (he's going to kill me for writing that, but there it is).

In hindsight, I don't think it was a jellyfish. I base this on my extensive jellyfish sting knowledge, which includes that one Friends episode, and the 10 minutes I spent on the internet looking at jellyfish sting pictures. Today the sting is gone and so is the memory, because Ethan whispered in my ear this morning, "Mommy, when we're done with breakfast, can we go out to Sentosa?"

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