Friday, October 08, 2004

code 46

I recently saw a movie called Code 46 (not to be confused with Ladder 49). I don't recommend the movie. Although from a purely amoral standpoint it was well-done, it was extremely disturbing.

But the point is, in the movie, which is futuristic, English is the common language of the world but other languages have become mixed in, as greetings or other common words.

This morning as we were out, I noticed that my children are also forming their own world language between the two of them. When jumping, they say, "ready, steady, jump!" which they picked up from Australian friends. They speak of the "lift" instead of the elevator, like they do here. Older women are all "ayi" as they are in China. "Ai-yo!" is their exclamation of choice. And at Sunday school this week, Ethan (and this saddens me greatly) learned how to play "duck, duck, GOOSE." I feel as though a part of my childhood has died. For those of you outside of Minnesota, USA, we grew up playing "duck, duck, grey duck." Yes, that's right. Infinitely more fun.

But I'm happy to have my little globe trotting kids and I hope they continue to pick up bits and pieces from other cultures along the way.


Chris B. said...

I agree, there is absolutely no case for "goose" over "grey duck." With grey duck, you can give different colors to everyone and come up with really funny weird colors from the crayon box like "burnt sienna duck." Also, you can psyche people out by saying, "grrrrreeeen duck."

Anonymous said...

Aww.. too bad about Ethan playing Duck, Duck, GOOSE! So sad. Alas, in Chicago they are just as misguided. I try to convince everyone of the superiority of Duck, Duck, GREY DUCK but people are just so set in their ways.