Saturday, October 16, 2010

On a Morning Walk

I almost took my cell phone with me on a short walk this morning, but the battery was dead. Too bad, because I could have shown you what I'm about to simply tell you. So you'll just have to use your imagination. I saw:

The sun rising through the trees - gorgeous!

Dogs that came to the park and made friends - a German Shepherd, a couple of Golden Retrievers, something that looked like a small St. Bernard, a giant Husky, and a variety of smaller dogs roughhousing and chasing each other.

People doing Tai Qi as solitary figures in the midst of the trees - beautiful and calming to watch

So many people out walking and running - Chinese are active people!

A man playing the saxophone

Another man slapping his legs vigorously - wake up legs! Or at least, that's what I imagine he's thinking

My breath! It's perfect exercise temperature right now

yellow roses and purple wildflowers

old ladies walking and chatting together (and by old I mean OLD)

Walks like that make me want to go more often. Unfortunately I can't go out again in the morning until Erik gets back Wednesday night. Next time I'll take the phone so you can see for yourself.

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