Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Do you have any other form of identification?

Biggest oops of this trip - I left my Minnesota driver's license in China. This has proven problematic when making returns at Old Navy and Target, but I discovered yesterday that The Department of Homeland Security really doesn't like it. They didn't care if it had my photo ID and passport number in it - they couldn't read the rest of it. I don't blame them for not liking it.

In my defense, I didn't plan to use it. I thought Erik had brought the passports for our trip to Vermont. Thankfully, we had been routed, along with a handful of other luck travelers, to a little used security line because the others were so overflowing. This definitely made the process easier as we were pulled aside, had to wait for them to call security, then ask me a series of identification questions, and we were the only people waiting there. It would have been very stressful if we'd been crammed in one of the crowded lines.

The security guys were very friendly and patient, and didn't give us even a hint of that "you idiots" attitude we got that time when we accidentally tried to bring a carry on that contained a Leatherman tool and my scrapbook tools. I hope the Burlington security people are as gracious, because we're going to have the same issue on the way back.

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Robyn said...

Wow! Interesting story, Gina! Glad you got through ok. Hope your return goes smoothly!