Friday, December 25, 2009

Guess what Wii got for Christmas?

Permit me to go all grandma on you for a minute and say, "When I was a kid, we didn't have game systems! We made up games like "grocery store" and "library" and "concert." We played outside. And we LIKED it!" The only opportunity for video games was on the TI994A we got when I was maybe 12. It had less memory than a thumb drive. I think we had three games on it. Amazingly, I never felt deprived.

So I've always had a staunch "there will be no gaming systems in our house" policy. I couldn't see what they would add to the quality of our family life. I still firmly believe this about everything except the Wii. I hate to admit it, but I have fallen in love with Wii Fit, which my brother is borrowing from a friend. I have done it almost daily since coming here, and can really tell a difference. I feel stronger and have even lost a couple pounds. And in this winter weather, it's a way for the kids to get out their energy.

I mentioned to Erik that I might be willing to get a Wii for the purpose of having Wii Fit, and that was all the permission he needed. Last night I opened up the Wii Fit Plus (which of course is fairly useless without the main system). When I did, we said to the kids, "How are we going to play this? Maybe you kids should open that big present over there." It was the Wii family fun bundle. Though Megan had just opened lots of very fun presents she really wanted, this was the thing that sent her over the edge. She threw herself onto Erik with a giant hug. Later, she said, "Am I dreaming? Did we REALLY get a Wii?"

It's yet to be seen if I will regret bringing this into the house.


Travis Todd said...

Sounds like Erik got what he wanted. Don't you just love when your kids het so excited about stuff you give them. I love Christmas.

Anonymous said...

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