Monday, August 24, 2009

Pick a winner

Ok, so it's expected that in driving on the streets in China, you will encounter some creative and dangerous driving. Here are two incidents I witnessed recently. You decide which one deserves "jaw dropping move of the week":

1. I'm on a divided road with one lane on either side of the fence divider. There is also a bike lane, which is often used as a driving lane although it is illegal. I am at a red light, third in line, and needing to turn right. I contemplate taking the bike lane to turn right anyway. As I think about it, a car comes from a few cars behind me, and I think, "Oh, he's going to do it." But no, he drives in front of the line of cars I'm in and U turns in front of all of us, just as the light turns green. This causes a traffic jam in both directions. He is also talking on his cell phone.

2. I am driving to IKEA. There are four lanes on the highway. Ahead of me, a guy in the third lane from the right decides he needs to get off at the exit he is currently passing, so he comes to a dead stop, turns perpendicular to traffic, and slowly makes his way over to the exit. Traffic is stopped in three lanes for him to make this move. No one dies.

Who wins?

1 comment:

Amy :) said...

I vote for #2. But the first one was pretty crazy, too!