Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I received an email recently featuring pictures of how various aspects of the world would look if women ruled. One of them was a car dealership which organized the cars according to color. That made perfect sense to me. Cars are vehicles which move people and objects from one place to another. I prefer ones that are gas efficient - if I could afford a hybrid here, I'd get one - and are colors I like such as red or orange.

I understand boys are different in this respect. I saw this firsthand today when Ethan peered over my shoulder in the car and said, "Mom, is that a Ferrari in front of us?" I said, "No, that's a Lamborghini." (the only reason I knew that is because it said Lamborghini on the back). All I could think about was how ugly Lamborhinis are, and how choosing yellow made it even less appealing. But I could practically hear Ethan drooling behind me.

"You think that's pretty cool, huh bud?"
"Yeah," he said in a long drawn out way.

I will never understand, but it seems my son is falling in with his own kind.


Ryan said...

Blasphemer! Hot yellow Lambos are among the hottest cars on Earth! Tell Ethan he is officially indoctrinated into the "Lamborghinis and other various hot cars are awesome" club... and please show him this link.

Sherri said...

Us too!!! My boys have never really been interested in cars, but lately, it's like they can name every car that we pass! It's amazing to me!

Andrew said...

hey gina, this has nothing to do with this post but I thought you might be interested in seeing it anyway.

megan's not the only one whose crocs have gotten caught in an escalator!