Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our Biggest Thai Adventure

As if hot dogs in our waffles weren't enough, Megan decided to make this the ultimate trip to remember by landing herself in the hospital on Monday night with a severe Croc meets escalator injury. Yes, I now know it is common knowledge in the U.S. that Crocs and escalators don't mix, but that news has been slow to reach Asia. Until now.

Here's the situation - I was in the hotel room with a nasty head cold while Erik took the kids to the adjoining mall for dinner. On the way home, the Croc got caught and mangled, and Megan's middle toe was nearly severed. Erik scooped her up, and a friend who happened to be nearby helped him get to a hospital right around the corner. Being there from the beginning has made this a much more traumatic experience for my husband than me. He was gracious, as always, to protect me from the worst, so I had some time to absorb the depth of what happened. Here's the progress of my knowledge:
7:45 Erik calls and says, "Megan cut her foot and she'll need stitches. She'll be fine. You don't need to come."
8:00 Our friend calls and says, "You probably should come."
8:15 I get there and see that Megan's foot is already bandaged, so I'm wondering what the issue is. Erik tells me we have to wait until 11 p.m. to operate. Operate? Oh, there's nerve damage.
I think we probably will have to stay overnight.
10:30 They take her to the operating room. I feel like passing out because I remember I'm still really sick and shouldn't have been standing for the past three hours.
1 a.m. We go to the recovery room where the doctor starts talking about the tendon that couldn't be reattached, the artery that wasn't severed which kept blood flowing and probably saved the toe. And it hits me, "My baby almost lost her toe." Then he tells us we need to stay 3 days, probably 5.

If I'd had all that information at 7:45 p.m. I think I would have lost it. Although it killed me that my little girl had this horrible experience without me there initially to comfort her, I know that it's spared me the worst of it, and it was a lot easier for me to put on a brave smile when I was there (Megan is so sensitive that if I cry about anything, she will cry).

But last night, after two full days in the hospital, we got the great news that we could leave this morning. Since our hotel is right around the corner, the doctor felt it was safe for her to be there. She'll have a cast for five weeks and will always have less movement in that toe, but we have seen God's faithfulness in this situation. He's provided so many friends here who've helped with meals and entertaining Megan, and He's granted her healing that has amazed the doctor. Most of all, I feel like He's given us great peace and sustained us through it all. Thanks to those of you who have prayed for her!

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