Sunday, November 04, 2007

I miss autumn

I am a cold wimp. Really, I always have been. I think living in Singapore just . . . set it free. I'd love to say it's because I don't have enough fat on me, but I think the more likely culprit is my ridiculously low blood pressure and flow. There's just not a lot of action inside my body keeping me warm. As Erik and I say, "I'm cold from the inside."

But this cold from the inside girl has been longing for some nice fall days lately. I've become so accustomed to constant weather that I am astonished to open my msnbc webpage and see that my hometown is 33 degrees right now. Granted, it's 4 in the morning there, but I don't even remember what that feels like. Right now, I want to remember.

I want to rake a pile of leaves and feel the dry stiffness of the grass as I do it, then jump in the leaves. I want to step outside and smell snow in the air. I want to huddle under a blanket at a football game with my hands wrapped around a cup of something hot. I even want to wonder at a sunset that starts before dinner.

In all my time in Singapore, this desire has been almost void, except in our first few months here when it felt strange not to have seasons. Now I feel like experiencing that would feel completely new to me.


Tracie said...

Yes, Gina, I am so much more aware of fall in BJ having lived in Singapore. Leaves that change color! Just gathered a whole bunch of them today to send to family per Kathryn's request. Not to make you jealous. We can send you some too :)

Nonna said...

You didn't actually miss a really beautiful autumn here as it was warm for so long without frost. We actually saw a few flakes of snow yesterday with winds at 35 mph. I guess that means that winter weather is just around the corner.