Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another first

Just got an email from our Cub Scout Den leader regarding an all pack camp out coming up. We were informed that moms can't sleep in the same tents as boys due to a "Muslim camp policy." We also cannot consume pork or beef at the camp out, which may make the BBQ difficult.

This is odd. I have never had to do or not do something before because of someone else's religion. Granted, Mustafa's lack of pork and beef means it's not one stop shopping for me, but I've never had anything pointed at me being a woman.

I don't actually care about this rule because I wasn't planning on going to the camp out. Just another friendly reminder that this isn't where I grew up. My parents will be visiting us at the time (Shh! Don't tell the kids - it's a surprise!) so we'll have a girl's night at our house. That is, assuming my dad wants to go to the camp out. Dad, how about it?

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Gina Marie said...

This might be a little different. I think you are right on the ocean.