Sunday, September 11, 2005

Experimenting with holes in your head

I suppose for every child, especially boys, there come a time in life where you have to experiment with what can, and cannot, fit into various holes in your head. This might involve a marble up the nose, a golf ball in the mouth, I don't know. In our case, Erik has just left to take Ethan to the emergency room to remove a popcorn kernel from his ear.

Here's how it happened: The kids were eating popcorn, and Megan came to me saying, "I don't want them in my ears!" I saw that Ethan had his fingers in his ears and was looking at Megan like a likely guinea pig for whatever ear experiment he was doing. I told him not to stick his fingers in Megan's ears (since that seemed like the extent of what he wanted to do).

A minute later, Ethan came to me with a mixed look of panic and sadness saying, "Mommy, I can't get it out of my ear." Sure enough, a kernel was pretty far in there. Erik and I tried gingerly to get it out with a tweezers, but I was hovering too much between hysterical laughter and outright panic so I couldn't do it. I sent them off to the hospital, where they will probably remove it with a tweezers and charge us $100.

This feels like a milestone every mother passes, one which I can put in the same memory folder as "knocked his tooth out on the tile steps" and "free fell off his lofted bed onto a pile of pillows" - you know, the ones that make the blood drain from your face, but thankfully you can kind of laugh about later.


Liz said...

Oh my gosh! So funny!! I can imagine Megan coming out of wherever they were and saying that & Ethan's face!
When I was little I stuck clay up my nose and couldn't get it out. That was super hard to remove!!

Miranda said...

My husband stuck gum up my nose when we were dating. Didn't score too many points with that....

Gina Marie said...

I swallowed a penny once. I was in choir, and I didn't have a pocket, so somehow I thought the best place for it was, yes, in my mouth. I told my mom a few days later and she just laughed and told me it was probably gone. I was like, "Where?!"