Thursday, August 25, 2005

My life in a commercial

This afternoon I had the sadistic impulse to push 100 pounds of kids and double stroller to Mustafa for groceries. Mustafa after 2 p.m. is like Target the day after Christmas. But what can I say? We needed food. And hand soap. But it turned out to be an amusing outing.

I passed two women, one who appeared to be the mom of the other, both pushing single strollers. The younger one commented in Chinese that my stroller seemed quite useful (she actually called it a "train"). I thought, "This would make a perfect commercial: "Sick and tired of making your mom push one of your kids every time you go somewhere? Get the Graco Duo Glider!"

Then, two women passed us on bikes. They were squinting into the sun and one said to the other that I had the good idea to wear sunglasses (this was also in Chinese). Cut to commercial, "You don't want to get early wrinkles from squinting do you? Then buy these fabulous sunglasses right now at Walmart for only $5!" I was still chuckling about that when I walked in the door of Mustafa and the guard exclaimed, "Ehhhh, double double!" which you have to read with a strong Indian accent to understand why it amused me.

After 15 minutes of crazed grabbing to get out as soon as possible, I noticed a huge display of Corn Flakes, "imported from England" for the bargain price of S$7.80 a box. I was contemplating what a boring box it is - white, with that red and green chicken that looks freaky without an actual eye - when two women walked over, picked up a box and literally oohed and ahhed. One said, "oooooh" and the other said, "Ahhhh" and then talked about the cereal. I thought at that point, "Ok, is there a camera following me?"

In all the excitement, I forgot to buy bread.


Liz said...

So funny Gina!! I have to get to Mustafa at some point. My roommate went there the other day to get groceries. Actually, it was this last Saturday. She said is was crazy! I went to Little India the other day and had some really hot curry...I was sweating & my face was red while eating it. My friend & I sat outside to eat with all the men that were watching WWF... We were the only women there I think.
I've been sick the last few days and have been looking into what the symptoms of Dengue Fever are....but I'm alive so I don't think I have it. :0)

Gina Marie said...

It wasn't the corn flakes box that intrigued them I think so much as the actual corn flakes. They seemed to know what it was and be impressed by it. Apparently they've not actually eaten it.