Saturday, June 11, 2005

Cheap Entertainment

Last night my mom and I were on the couch in their living room when we noticed the neighbor running by with lawn mower (mowing the lawn, not just running). I mean running. He ran into view, slowed down at the street, then turned around and ran back into his yard.

We started speculating reasons why he might choose to run with the lawn mower instead of walking like normal people. My dad thought maybe the self-propeller was on high speed. My mom thought maybe he was trying to get exercise. Or maybe he wanted to get done quickly.

Whatever the reason, it was quite amusing. Soon the whole family was on the couch, waiting in anticipation for him to appear. Pretty soon we were saying, "C'mon Jim . . . c'mon Jim . . . Yeah!!!" when we saw him. He didn't seem embarassed to do it in public because we live on a busy street. When we left later in the car, he looked up and waved, then ran away with the mower. You gotta love cheap entertainment.

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